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Around Cockatoo Island...

Dawny's Cockatoo Challenge
Sunday, Nov 18, 2018

Dawny... The Movie!

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dawny 181118 01a 600
The classical view of Dawny on swim day. Even when the day starts off rubbish, it ends up like this. This time, this was the start.

dawny 181118 01b 600
Good numbers along the sea wall.

dawny 181118 01 600
And a very nice dive from Christina Lawrence. She's been taught proper.

dawny 181118 08 600
Under the painted sky.



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Nice day

I just wanted to thank the organisers of the Dawny to Cockatoo Swim, the Balmain Waterpolo Club and all their sponsors for what a great day they put on yesterday. There were friendly people everywhere to chat to, and a free bacon and egg roll and massage when you finished. Would have to be one of the best swims I have done so far. Great day, thank you so much. Worth the drive from Canberra.




I am confident all members of the ocean swimming community despair when we read that plastic will outweigh fish in the world’s ocean by 2050. I am also sure others are anguished at footage of wildlife killed by rubbish, for example, the two turtles drowned last week after getting hooked on dumped rubbish. (https://www.businessinsider.com.au/heartbreaking-footage-of-dead-turtles-in-a-marine-park-off-brisbane-shows-how-dumping-waste-in-the-ocean-kills-2018-11).

In this context, it seems inconsistent to be greeted at the end of a swim with a plastic water bottle. I appreciate the sentiment, but suggest ocean swimmers are a prepared bunch! You can rely upon us to pack our swimmers, goggles and sunscreen and I am confident you can rely upon us to sort our own water - even if it means going looking for a bubbler (including those installed as part of Council led efforts to reduce plastic on our beaches). Organisers could introduce a ‘tick a box’ option at registration to remind entrants “Don’t forget to bring own water”, or even introduce a price incentive - $40 with water, $39 without? If you did the Bondi to Bronte in 2017, you will have your own re-usable water bottle!

It also seems unnecessary for Swim caps to come in elaborate plastic packaging. A bit like when we see mandarins wrapped in plastic on a polystyrene tray! The Vici caps for yesterday’s Cronulla Ocean Swim came in a hard plastic envelope. I know there are routine collections of swim caps to send overseas for charity. I also understand that due to safety and wave management concerns, swim organisers have been reluctant so far to let people use their own swim cap. But I do hope with time the chip technology will improve so selecting at registration to ‘supply own cap’ will become feasible. In the meantime, plastic caps don’t require plastic packaging.

Finally, a reminder that it only takes a single piece of rubbish to ‘green light’ more rubbish accumulating at that spot. We’ve all seen the shopping trolleys that become mobile bins, the way empty coffee cups congregate, and the rubbish that accumulates at the base of flag poles on the beach. Hmmm oceanswims.com keep cups…there’s a marketing idea for you there too!

Ocean swimmers have a unique and important opportunity to share information, raise awareness and kick off a summer of leaving our beaches better than we found them.

Thank you,

Emma Daisy

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